Affilated Company


ARCOA Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Established in 1981, ARCOA adheres to the demands of “smart consumption and local service” and continues to meet the service needs of customers in all-round communication. It has comprehensively developed FET franchise channels, foreign labor, maintenance services, logistics, transportation and transportation. Purchasing and other business projects, moving towards a diversified business model, simultaneously expanding the logistics storage operation and operation policy, and creating the “ARCOA Logistics Center” as the strongest logistics backing of the Far Eastern Group.

DATA EXPRESS Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in 2004, Data Express Digital Technology's core value is its excellent service spirit. It has 48 service bases in Taiwan, 20 of which are Apple-certified Apple Premium Resellers. There are 7 original authorized service centers in the north, central and south of Taiwan, making Data Express as the largest distribution channel for Apple stores in Taiwan.
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Yuan Shi Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Yuan Shi Digital Technology was established in August 2017 and was merged by Hiiir.Inc and Far Eastern E-Commerce. YSDT combines content services, mobile commerce and community advantages to create friDay shopping and launches Taiwan's first scientific pricing mechanism for friDay purchase. It also develops the LBS APP "Alleyways." YSDT also launch services in the field of action to connect people on the Internet.
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Information Security Service Digital United

ISSDU was established by Seednet in December 2004, and has become a 100% subsidiary of Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) since 2009. As a professional Security Solution Provider, we have accumulated many years of professional security technology, strong technical team, and rich experience in network security planning and R&D processes. By the integration of AI Security management platform, ISSDU can provide customers with the best security solution and benefits.
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PrimeEco Power

Based on an intelligent energy management system that integrates renewable energies, Prime EcoPower (PEP) is determined to become a global leader in new energy service providers. Working with our parent company, Fareastone Telecom (FET), and leading manufacturers of solar photovoltaic panel and energy storage battery, PEP formed a very competitive professional team and now is a pioneer in the field of new energy. As one of a few energy management platform service providers in Taiwan, PEP upholds the brand spirit of “energy control, energy saving, energy creation, and renewable energy” and is vowed to provide the best energy management experience for corporate customers and individual users.
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Nextlink Technology Co., Ltd.

Nextlink Technology and its subsidiary, Microfusion Technology, are agents of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud for the Greater China Region. As a leading provider of cloud services, Nextlink prides itself on being expert, professional, and quick to act. With multi-platform certified architects and experienced teams in Taiwan and abroad, Nextlink provides professional, diverse and quality cloud solutions that can be deployed globally and help customers enhance business efficiency, overcome enterprise network application challenges, and be provided with the 24/7 technical support services needed to feel secure in a connected world. Nextlink has a strong attachment to its mission and it shows in the attention to detail and tailored services it delivers to the close to 1000 customers it has served. Nextlink is your trusted partner.
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YUAN CING CO., LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. We mainly focus on the Contract Centers Outsourcing (CCO) which include Inbound/Outbound service, customer services consulting, collection and telemarketing. Leveraging on the parent company's system, equipment and customer service experience in the past, assisting various companies within and outside the group to plan and build their customer service centers. Meanwhile, we won the Global Views: Five-Star Service awards and Commercial Times: the Best Service in Taiwan awards many times. Moreover, we also received recognition of Taiwan Contact Center Development Association (TCCDA) and won the Best Customer Service Contracting Company award in 2020. In the future, we will completely expand our customer service experience outside the group and provide the high-quality customer service center for the business owners.
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