Company Information


Closing the Distance. For Every Thought, We Go Further

Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) is a leading company in Taiwan which provides telecommunications and digital application services. FET has strived to shorten the gap between people to achieve the commitment of “Closing the Distance.” FET has been at the forefront of technology deployment, establishing Taiwan's first 5G Lab in 2016 and forming a 5G vanguard team in 2018. In 2020, FET and its strategic partners jointly announced the commercialization of 5G. Continuously leveraging the technologies of Big Data, AI, IoT and cloud solutions, FET embodies its new brand proposition, "For Every Thought, We Go Further." becoming the optimal digital partner for consumers and enterprise clients.

Ultimate Speed, Premium Experience

Since its establishment, Far EasTone has been actively engaged in base station construction, upgrade, and bandwidth expansion. In 2016, FET led the Asian telecom market by providing tri-bandwidth services of 700MHz, 1800MHz, and 2600MHz, pioneering the era of 4.5G mobile communications, followed with the launch of the 2100 MHz bandwidth in 2018. In 2020, ushering in the era of 5G, FET offered users the highest average bandwidth in the industry. On December 15, 2023, FET merged with Asia Pacific Telecom, becoming the "Triple Champion" in bandwidth, possessing the largest total bandwidth, low-band continuous bandwidth, and 5G bandwidth. Leveraging abundant spectrum resources, AI site selection, and hybrid technology, FET has crafted the "greenest network," along with Ericsson's award-winning 4G/5G Spectrum Sharing technology, to create the most premium, efficient network experience.


FET 5G: Redefining Entertainment

FET is committed to shorten the gap between people and technology, creating friDay Shopping and friDay Video to seamlessly integrate various consumer needs with innovative mobile APPs. With the launch of 5G in 2020, friDay Video has revolutionized the visual and auditory experience with its "Multi-angle view" and "4K resolution." friDay Shopping and friDay Video have also incorporated generative AI technology, enabling product listing for seller easier, and generating video recommendation lists that better meet user needs.


User Exclusive: All-in-one Mobile Lifestyle APP

FET collaborates with leading brands in different lifestyle aspects to enhance user benefits and offer specialized user privileges. Introducing "FET Life," we provide exclusive discounts on everyday needs. With the integration of AI recommendation engines, we deepen our connection with users, reinterpreting our brand proposition of "For Every Thought, We Go Further." We devote ourselves to creating a comprehensive mobile lifestyle APP for our users.


Diverse Applications: Best Partner in Business Transformation

FET has nearly a hundred 5G ecosystem partners. By integrating upstream and downstream industry chains, FET assists businesses in upgrading and transforming through technologies of Big Data, AI, and IoT, along with cloud services. FET provides comprehensive 5G services, including planning, deployment, migration, and maintenance, catering clients across the technology, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, startups, and government sectors. Notable achievements include pioneering a 5G chip testing environment, launching the first 5G telemedicine project, and establishing the first 5G smart factory in Taiwan.


Best Experience: Thoughtful Services

To provide consumers with the most thoughtful service, FET actively find out customer needs. Leveraging Big Data and AI, we offer fast and convenient services for loyal customers, not only resolving issues but also striving to bring smiles to their faces. We create a positive customer experience that has repeatedly earned acknowledgement such as the gold award of "The Best Service in Taiwan" in the telecom category, the "Five-Star Service Award", the "Outstanding Store Manager Award" from the Taiwan Chain and Franchise Association (TCFA), and the "Customer Service Excellence Awards" from the Taiwan Customer Service Center Development Association. FET continuously enhances service experiences across all channels, delivering customers a digital lifestyle with heartwarming services.