From Jul. 2010, Mr. Eton Shu was subsequently in charge of EVP of Product & Service Delivery and Services & Operations Division, is responsible for digital service development, contact center, and business operation related business. He led the team got the 2017 Asia Communication Award – Best Customer Care (Consumer). Effective from Jan. 2018, Eton is appointed as EVP of Information Technology Division and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of FET.

Prior to his career in KGT, Mr. Eton Shu served as VP of Global Technology Infrastructure at Citibank Taiwan Branch. In 2000, he received the “Executive’s Choice Award” from Citibank US headquarter, and in 2001, along with his team, he was awarded the “Service Availability Award” by the Asia Pacific headquarter. Previously, Mr. Eton Shu served at the IT department of Hewlett Packard Taiwan for 15 years, providing IT best practice to external customers and helping achieve business goals. He possesses IT and business operation domain knowledge in telecom, banking and IT industries.

Mr. Eton Shu received his master degree in Computer Science from the enterprise graduate class of National Taiwan University.