Sustainable Development Strategy

With the establishment of global common goals such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, FET believes that corporate value is no longer limited to economic influence but covers the inclusiveness and contribution of the company's overall operations to society and the environment. The business model can be developed in the long term in response to changes in the external environment only under the principle of shared prosperity among company growth, ecology, and social responsibility. In 2015, with the aim of sustainable management in mind, we launched a three-year project which combines sustainable development with our core operating strategy. Our pillars of "Go Prosperous," "Go Caring," "Go Inclusive," and "Go Innovative" have guided us to respond to key corporate sustainability risks and the United Nations sustainable development agenda.
As 2017 marked the end of the three-year 4G Sustainable Development Strategies, FET reviewed the execution structure of the strategy, the direction of organizational development, and the completion status of project targets. The trends of the industry, risks, and opportunities were examined, as well as the requirements for international sustainable evaluation. The "2018-2025 Sustainable Development Strategy" was formally established, covering the five pillars of "Go Prosperous," "Go Caring," "Go Inclusive," "Go Innovative," and “Go Eco" to strengthen ICT telecommunications inclusiveness, and the sustainable value of the applications of environmental and social innovations. The aim is to maximize the contribution of the Company´s economic, environmental and social contributions, fulfill our corporate vision of "FET Connects and Enriches Life" and make us the "Preferred Partner in Mobile Life" for everyone.
2018-2025 Sustainable Development Strategy