A diversified and friendly workplace

FET is committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and gender-equal workplace. We provide equal opportunities for recruitment and career advancement for all genders, with the aim of having female supervisors make up at least 30% of our total supervisor workforce .Compensation, bonuses, and promotions for employees are solely based on individual competencies and performance, and are not influenced by factors such as nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental conditions, beliefs, or political affiliation. FET has additionally implemented a Sexual Harassment Complaints Committee and a complaint procedure, which incorporates employee complaint mailboxes. Throughout 2022, neither FET nor Arcoa received any reports of sexual harassment.

In regards to the workforce composition at FET, the male employees slightly outnumber the female employees, with males comprising 50.05% and females comprising 49.95%. Among the senior management positions (assistant managers, managers, and above), females make up 34% of the total.。97.92% of FET's workforce consists of domestic citizens who hold indefinite contracts. In anticipation of the forthcoming 5G era, FET remains committed to recruiting fresh technical talent and making necessary adjustments to our HR structure. As of 2022, our total employee count stood at 5,737 individuals, representing a slight decrease of 3.32% compared to the previous year. Additionally, we employed 130 non-employee workers who were involved in project engineering, administrative, and logistics-related tasks, marking a slight decrease of 2.99% from the previous year.

Employee Structure Overview


Providing equal opportunities for the disabled

To help employees relive work pressure - employee LOHAS, creating happiness at work, and increase job opportunities for the disabled. We have launched massage services by the visually impaired at the corner of our offices and during dedicated session on Mondays - Fridays. The massage zone, provides free massages to our employees and it was well received. Approximately 11,727 persons have enjoyed these massage therapies in 2022.

Other Indicators for Employee Diversity

Note. The current count of employees with physical and mental disabilities stands at 38. As per regulations, individuals with severe and higher disabilities are considered as two employees each. Consequently, the weighted count amounts to 56, in full compliance with the regulations.

Employee Care and Communication

In order to foster a culture of transparent and open communication, FET has implemented a range of communication channels to facilitate positive engagement with employees and proactively safeguard their rights and interests. The following section outlines the primary communication channels and their corresponding performance:

Communication Channels

2022 Communication Content

Lantern Legend Meeting

(Capital/Labor Meeting)

Lantern Legend Meetings are conducted on a quarterly basis. In 2022, a total of five meetings were
convened. These meetings encompass discussions on the Company's profitability overview,
future expansion strategies, enhancements to the office environment, and pertinent employment
relations matters. Collective bargaining safeguards the rights and interests of all FET employees
in the materials and energy sectors. It serves as the primary means for communication and 
protection of employee rights. Labor representatives are either nominated by employees
or selected by various groups.

Employee Welfare


The committee will convene on a quarterly basis and may hold additional meetings as needed.
In 2022, a total of nine meetings were held to discuss various benefits plans for our company.
These plans included the company trip, New Year's shopping festival, club management, and
vendor discounts. All benefits are regularly communicated on the company's intranet website,
accessible to all employees. A mailbox is also provided for two-way communication.

Town Hall Meeting

Four Town Hall Meetings were held in 2022, consisting of one employee meeting and three
all-staff communication meetings. The President chaired an employee meeting to discuss
the accomplishments of the past year and the current state of the competitive market. 
The meeting emphasized the importance of collaboration among employees in tackling
future challenges and expressed gratitude for the valuable contributions of senior colleagues
through public recognition. The President and senior executives from all departments co-chaired
the communication meetings, where they shared management performance and new strategic 
plans. FET addressed employee concerns, and participating employees were able to raise
management-related issues for discussion using digital communication tools. The President and
senior executives promptly provided answers to these issues, promoting effective two-way

Supervisor Communication


FET periodically conducts communication meetings with supervisors. The President and HR Director
discuss the company's operational performance, strategic plans for the upcoming year, and HR matters,
including performance management, goal setting, and organizational changes. 
Supervisors attending the meeting will have the opportunity to ask questions in real-time, with the
President and HR Director providing immediate responses.

Communication Meetings

Between Departments and


The President actively engages in employee communication meetings conducted by every department
and subsidiary. In 2022 alone, the President has attended over 20 such meetings, providing colleagues
from each department and subsidiary with a valuable opportunity for direct interaction with the President.

Internal Newsletter

Every Friday, FET distributes its internal newsletter to highlight the events of the week. The newsletter
covers significant occurrences, departmental introductions, project highlights, and employee concerns,
among other topics. Its purpose is to embody the brand ethos of FET and foster closer relationships
among colleagues.

Survey of Employee Opinions

FET upholds the fundamental principle of compassion and actively engages with its employees.
In 2022, the eNPS (employee net promoter score) survey was conducted twice, resulting in a total
of 5,236 questionnaires distributed during H2. Out of these, 4,436 individuals responded, yielding a
completion rate of 85%. In addition to the employee net promoter score survey, the management team
has also developed a satisfaction survey consisting of 27 multiple-choice questions and eight
open-ended questions. These 27 questions have been categorized into four aspects: Purpose,
Job satisfaction, Happiness, and Stress. The objective is to gain a deeper understanding of our
colleagues' working conditions and offer support where needed. A total of 2,356 pieces of eNPS survey
feedback were received in 2022, all of which have been addressed. The improvement items were
categorized into six areas, encompassing performance evaluation, promotion management and system,
departmental communication, education and training, working environment, and hardware and
software equipment.

Harmonious Workplace