Developments and Growth

FET strives to pursue quality improvement and the depth of employee's training developments. The blueprint of the training programs is based upon the functionality of the business units and the employee's professional level, also the planning and arrangement of training aimed for core competency, at the same time, strengthening the training in managerial level and talent pools, and assist the career path developments of our employees. Each of our employee will have their own personalized training program to ensure their rights for equality in training and developments.

Growth and Development

In order to create a friendly self-learning environment, FET has integrated three major internal platforms, Intranet, the new Digital Learning System (App-Supported Learning), and EMMA (an internal instant message platform) to provide a convenient and rich social learning channel, so the employees are able to enjoy working while learning and improving work efficiency and organizational productivity.

And to help nurturing leading digital talents, we have launched "talent accelerators" program concepts. The programs are It focused on case studies to strengthen and accelerate the developments of talents, as they are assets.

Happy to work and to study, effectively improve work and organizational effectiveness.

Culture and Organizations

Agile Way - My New Agile Approach

In the New Digital Era, FET introduced "AGILE WAY, An Agile Attitude", this is to encourage employees achieving their goals through ability to adjust their direction in a timely manner, flexibility to utilize resources, respond in a proactive fashion and stimulate new creative ideas in their approaches.

5G-BIG (Big Data, Intelligence, IoT) Talents

BIG (Big Data, Intelligence, Goods - IoT) is the center of our developments. Committing to digital transformation and creative application and cultivate talents in the related fields, so that each employee becomes an element in our advancement and provide a broad-spectrum of digital life for our customers. In 2019, our long-term development partner in AI, Microsoft, sponsored "FET AI Hackathon", called upon the best of the best from all departments, developed new AI creative application projects using the cloud computing platform - Microsoft Azure. This cross-departmental team simulated new ideas which helped facilitating new AI applications and solutions. The 20 teams that came through the first round, followed by an incentive 3-day workshop with experts from Microsoft and a 72-hour competition, the top 3 team were selected by industry leading professors, experts from Microsoft and FET. The awards were presented by Douglas Hsu, Chairman of FET, Chee Ching, General Manager of FET and Ken Sun, General Manager of Microsoft Taiwan.
FET and Microsoft have started our long-term partnership of AI development in recent years, and join forces to establish the industry transformation and talent development programs in Taiwan. FET formed alliance with Microsoft and is invited by Microsoft to become the first telco partner in the "Microsoft AI Research and Development Center" last year. In May, we received the invitation to participate in the Microsoft Research Asia Innovation Conference in Beijing, and we're the only Taiwanese partner from Microsoft's Innovation Partnership; In December, as a member of Innovation Partnership, FET invited Microsoft Research Asia to discuss and exchange ideas based on FET's AI development and creative applications. At the same time, FET utilizes our leading strength in IoT and AI industries, gaining unique insights through big data analysis, proactively integrating FET resources and become a key factor behind the The Far Eastern Group's successful digital transformation accelerator. In the future, more emphasis on developing talents, connecting globally and creating business opportunities through blue ocean strategies.

Talent and Career Developments

Training Results

FET organized 2,515 training courses. On average, each employee has received 74.9 hours of training, or a 14% increase from that of the previous year.