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A Safe Workplace

FET has a "Labor Health and Safety Committee" (LHS Committee) and a dedicated occupational health and safety unit, which seek to improve the workplace environment and to ensure the safety of employees.

The LHS Committee comprises of 18 members, including 9 labor representatives, accounting for 50% of the committee's membership. The LHS Committee meets quarterly and proposes an occupational health and safety management plan and automatic inspection plan. It also discusses, investigates, and analyzes relevant occupational hazards and reviews improvements in occupational health and safety to implement hazard prevention communication and management measures. In addition, the LHS Committee also actively advocates hazard prevention awareness to employees and contractors. 104 rounds of various occupational health and safety training were held in 2021 to 6,309 participants. Meanwhile, the Company also established the "Health and Safety" website to disseminate information on hazard prevention and strengthen employees' awareness on preventive measures.

FET is dedicated to providing a carefree work environment for all employees and stakeholders. In 2018, we introduced the “ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System”. In 2019, onsite audits of the implementation of ISO 45001 standards by the Company were conducted by the external, independent audit unit, British Standards Institute (BSI). We passed the various audit standards and was awarded the international “ISO 45001:2018 and CNS 15506:2011 (TOSHMS) Occupational Health and Safety Management System Verification” certificate. In 2021, the audit goals were achieved according to the BSI audit. We have effectively implemented and executed the ISO 45001 management system and have received certification.

Implemented according to ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System:

1. The Company implements ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The President acts the Chairman and assigns the highest supervisor of the President’s Office and Human Resources Management Group as the management representative to supervise the implementation of occupational health and safety related measures.

2. Participation of all employees:

A cross-departmental organization is formed and consists of the supervisors of the occupational health and safety office, human resources, and business operation departments. They regularly conduct interdepartmental discussions on the documents and information related to health issues and risks.

3. Conduct occupational health and safety risk or hazard assessments:

FET regularly conducts employee and contractor work environment hazard identification, health and safety management plans, operational site, observation and construction safety, and health management analysis. All risk identification acts as the basis of classified management and tracking management is implemented to control, prevent, and decrease the danger and risk. As of 2021, 805 risk identification and assessment processes have been conducted.

4. Formulate the action plan and corresponding quantitative goals:

In 2021, action plans were implemented for the identified occupational safety risks. 10 occupation health and safety action plans were formulated and the 3 corresponding quantitative goals are as follows:

    (1)  Create a comfortable office environment

    (2)  Complete the PM2.5, CO2, humidity, and temperature public broadcast systems for the headquarters

    (3)  Achieve an employee participation rate over 10% for the health promotion activities

The goals above have been successfully completed.

5. Emergency preparedness and responses: FET has stipulated emergency preparedness and response action plans, and regularly implements drills to review and improve the plans, in order to prepare for emergencies. In 2021, two fire safety drills and emergency evacuation measures were held regularly to promote prevention awareness among all employees.

6. Conduct internal audits: In 2021, the internal audits identified 5 matters requiring improvement. Improvements were implemented for each matter in the specified time.

Establish a dedicated occupational health and safety management unit

1. FET has established a "Labor Health and Safety Committee" ("LHS Committee") and a dedicated occupational health and safety unit, which seek to improve the workplace environment and to ensure the safety of employees.

2. The LHS Committee is organized according to the laws and regulations and is comprised of 18 members, including 9 labor representatives, accounting for 50% of the committee's membership. The LHS Committee meets once every quarter to formulate the occupational health and safety management plan and the automated inspection plan. . Matters to be discussed according to legal requirements.

3. FET has established the "Standard Operating Procedures for Reporting, Handling and Investigating of Emergency Injuries and Occupation Health and Safety Incidents”. When an incident occurs, it can be effectively reported and the investigation procedures related to the injury, disease, or accident can be conducted. The incident will be assessed and analyzed to find preventative measures, in order to implement disaster prevention communication and management.

4. Contractor management: The Company has stipulated the “Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Management Measures”. Related occupational health and safety requirements and hazard prevention matters have been included in the contractor agreements, in order to require contractors to comply with related occupational health and safety regulations, implement good safety protection measures, and avoid the occurrence of incidents.

5. Occupational health and safety education and training: In order to improve the occupational health and safety awareness of employees and contractors and reduce related accidents, the Company organizes various occupational safety and health education and training, and plans disaster prevention promotion and related information. The Company aims to strengthen overall disaster awareness among employees. In 2021, a total of 104 occupational health and safety education and training events were held, with a total of 6,309 people participating. We have also established the “health and safety” website to promote information related to disaster prevention and strengthen disaster awareness among employees.

Hired dedicated nursing staff to promote employee health management

Established full-time, professional nursing staff and contracted physicians, implemented new employee physical examinations, and regularly organized health exams for all employees. Goals and progress are set according to employees’ physical and health examination records, in order to analyze and prevent health related risks and issues. Care for the prevention, health consultation, first aid, and emergency handling of employee injuries and illnesses, conduct health management, disease prevention, and plan health promotion events in order to maintain the physical and mental health of employees. The assessment of the reduction and prevention goals of health-related issues and risks in 2021 is as follows:

1. Comprehensive health management should include identifying work environment health risks: Control measures shall be adopted according to the identification results, in order to prevent occupational diseases and promote personal health management among employees. We aim to improve personal physical and mental health.

2. Maternal health protection: In 2021, according to the evaluation of 70 pregnant employees by medical staff, there are no dangers to the health of mothers, fetuses, or babies in the work environment. Once the information was explained to the parties, they were allowed to continue their work.

3. Human factor prevention assessment: Workers affected by physical pain have been compared and identified, and none of the workers operate in areas with potential risk or risk caused by human factors

4. Implement the cerebrovascular disease prevention and management plan: Utilize the system to integrate employee physical examination data, expand the subjects of risk management, and establish a reminder mechanism for the work hours system. Professional physicians have assessed the employees as low risk and their duties do not require adjustment. They are able to engage in general work.

Building A Healthy Workplace Environment


FET actively encourages employees to exercise and to build a healthy workplace environment. The Company is dedicated to creating a healthy workplace and the implementation of health-related activities in 2021 is as follows:

Name of Activity Scope of activity
"Weight Loss Competition" The event has been held for four consecutive years since 2018. In 2021, participants who competed the event totaled 465 people and they lost a combined weight of 972 kilograms. Prizes totaling NT$150,000 were awarded to the winner. The cumulative total of participants is 2,450 people, with a total weight loss of 4,288 kilograms.
FET Long-term Health Club Activities FET Long-term Health Club Activities Currently, the Company has 32 associations, among which, 23 are sports associations. Every year, each association is granted a budget of up to NT$80,000. In 2021, a total of 570 association activities were held, with 5,603 participants.
“Epidemic Prevention Health Promotion Online Course” In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are promoting correct epidemic prevention information and providing online courses for physical and mental health for employees. In 2021, we organized the online courses of "Foods to Protect Against the Pandemic", "Stay Fit at Home", "Mental Health", and "Healthy Diet". A total of 9 classes were held with 841 participants.
Organize fitness activities In response to government policies and the “Occupational Health Week” events promoted by the Ministry of Labor, and to help employees understand their physical activity levels, the Sports Administration of the Ministry of Education commissioned the "Technological Fitness Project Office” to govern fitness activities. 110 people from the Neihu office participated. The event included measuring body composition (height, weight, and waist-to-hip ratio), muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory endurance. We aimed to help employees understand their physical condition and improve health and exercise concepts, in order to achieve the benefits of health promotion.
“Happy Epidemic Prevention” exercise In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, exercise teaching videos were released on the “health and safety webpage”. We taught employees suitable exercises to help them improve their immunity. In 2021, 3,000 people viewed the videos.
Blood donation drives Blood donation drives Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were shortages in blood banks around Taiwan. Blood drives were organized and 56,500 cc of blood was donated in 2021.
Office Area Massage Room We have hired 18 visually impaired masseurs to provide free massage service to help relieve stress. They have provided their services to around 21,336 people in a year.



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FET actively encourages employees to exercise and to build a healthy workplace environment. The Company's dedication to create a healthy workplace has been positively rewarded by receiving the "Healthy Workplace Certification" from the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education in 2019
"High quality breast feeding room" attestation issued by Department of Health, Taipei City Government
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