Well-being and Achievement

Employee Welfare

In terms of welfare policy, aside from the mandatory statutory benefits, all employees are offered health check-up programs and cancer prevention screenings that surpass the legal requirements. To foster a harmonious work environment that promotes work-life balance, the Company has implemented a range of diverse benefits. These include employee group insurance, which extends coverage to employees' children, as well as pension plans, mobile phone subsidies, and other welfare programs. Additionally, an Employee Welfare Committee has been established to encourage social activities and organize employee outings.


Item Description

Paid sick leave and paid

leave for volunteer services

Employees are entitled to five days of paid sick leave annually, surpassing statutory requirements.
Additionally, FET offers two days of paid volunteer leave per year, aiming to promote employee
engagement in public welfare initiatives.

Employee canteen

Employee canteens are accessible, allowing employees to conveniently order and pay for meals

Employee Stock

Ownership Trust

FET provides subsidies to its employees for the purchase of company shares, enabling colleagues
to participate in the company's business performance and encouraging savings and investment.
Currently, approximately 70% of colleagues have enrolled in the Employee Stock Ownership Trust.

Flexible work hours

There are four flexible working time slots available, allowing colleagues to choose the one that best
suits their needs between 08:00 and 09:30.If members of a work team require a different start time,
they may internally discuss the issue and submit a request for a modification to their work schedule.

Work from home

Employees have the opportunity to request remote work from home, up to a maximum of two
days per week, based on job requirements and departmental business needs. Applications for
an extended duration may be submitted in cases of special or urgent requirements.

Maternity / Paternity leave

better than legal minimum

FET offers 60 days of maternity leave, as well as eight days of maternity checkup leave and
eight days of paternity checkup and paternity leave, exceeding legal requirements.
Maternity leave pay is provided and does not contribute to sick leave entitlement.

Childbirth compensation

Parental leave is provided in compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, the Company
offers a monthly subsidy of NT$2,000 for the "Mother-to-be Nutritional Allowance" starting
from the third month of pregnancy. In 2022, a total of 138 individuals applied for this benefit,
amounting to a total disbursement of NT$1,994,000. In order to extend congratulations to
colleagues on the birth of their child, male and female employees are eligible to apply for
a childbirth subsidy.The subsidy amount is NT$5,000 for thefirst child and NT$10,000 for the
second child or twins. 

In 2022, a total of 149 applications were received, resulting in a disbursement of NT$975,400.

Childcare program

FET collaborates with local kindergartens and nurseries to offer after-school programs and
childcare services for employees. This allows colleagues to conveniently arrange these services
and benefit from discounted fees. Additionally, a parent-child club is available, offering various
activities such as art appreciation, parentchildDIY courses, and health promotion activities.
Regular health seminars on breastfeeding and infant and baby health are provided to support
female employees with babies. Furthermore, our offices are equipped with excellent breastfeeding
rooms, which have received multiple certifications and awards from regional health institutions.

The "Christmas Parent Visitation Day" has been held multiple times. The President has personally
attended each event and enjoyed spending time with the employees .Activities such as baby theater,
magic shows, storytelling,fancy balloons, and parent-child racing will also be organized during the
Parent Visitation Day.

Exercise and health


FET places significant emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance for its employees.
Weprovide an exceptional leisure and sports environment, complete with various sports and
fitness facilities such as flywheel, indoor golf, electric racing games, VR games, yoga area,
electric massage chair area, and a table tennis room. These amenities offer our colleagues
a space to relax and engage in physical activities. Additionally, we organize health competitions,
including weight loss competitions, step counting competitions, and calorie burning competitions,
to promote a healthy lifestyle. Through a range of online sports and health promotion activities,
FET encourages employees to prioritize their well-being and foster a workplace culture defined
by the LOHAS philosophy.(Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability).

Employee health


The Company offers comprehensive health checkups that go beyond regulatory obligations.
Older employees are provided with carotid ultrasound and cardiac ultrasound to evaluate the
risk of stroke, coronary artery stenosis, and heart valve abnormalities. Additionally,
fundus photography is available todetect macular lesions and diseases like fundus vasculature
and glaucoma.

Health+ App blood

pressure measuring


FET has developed its own Health+ App, equipped with devices available at all office locations.
This enables employees to conveniently measure their blood pressure at any given time and
subsequently upload the recorded data onto the Health+ App for the purpose of self-monitoring
and management.

AEDs at workplaces

All offices (stores) are equipped with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and have trained
first-aid personnel to ensure preparedness for emergencies. Regular education and training are
provided tocolleagues to enable immediate emergency response in case of any unforeseen events.

Workplace stress


To support the mental well-being of our employees, contracted professional organizations provide
counseling services for family, marital, stress, and interpersonal issues. This initiative aims to
promote physical and mental equilibrium, as well as ensure work safety, quality, and productivity.
Each employee is eligible for six complimentary psychological counseling sessions annually.
Furthermore, our company intranet offers spiritual quotes and provides support to employees
during stressful situations through articles, stories, film reviews, and book recommendations.
FET alleviates workplace stress for employees through the organization of health promotion
courses. These courses include topics such as "Mindfulness Stress Reduction Lectures,
" "What is Emotional Blackmail,""Is Being Easily Nervous Serious? - Addressing Anxiety Disorders:
," and "Psychologist's Insights on Relaxation - Introduction to Zentangle for Beginners."


breastfeeding room

Each office is equipped with an outstanding breastfeeding room that has received certification and
accolades from the regional health unit. Additionally, we conduct regular seminars to provide
supportto our female employees regarding breastfeeding and baby health information.

FET has implemented a retirement scheme in accordance with the "Labor Standards Act" for all its formally employed staff. Under this scheme, employees who decide to continue with the old pension scheme or choose the new scheme while maintaining their seniority from the old scheme will have 2% of their monthly salary allocated to the pension reserve. The Worker Retirement Reserve Supervisory Committee manages this reserve, which is deposited in the Bank of Taiwan under the committee's name. The new Labor Pension Act has been implemented since July 1, 2005. Under this act, employees who choose to participate in the new scheme will have 6% of their monthly salary allocated by FET to the Labor Insurance Bureau on a monthly basis.
The full allocation of the pension allowance is implemented to ensure that the pension reserve adequately covers the retirement expenses of eligible employees.