Well-being and Achievement

Caring Well-being

In terms of welfare policy, all FET employees receive more than the legally mandated minimum welfare benefits. The company also provides employees with health checks and preventative screening for cancer that are superior to the legally required basic minimum. In addition, in order to create a happy workplace environment that promotes an optimal work-life balance, FET also provides a range of other welfare items such as establishment of Employee Welfare Committee, group activities and employee outings.
In terms of retirement benefits, FET has enacted retirement scheme for all formally employed employees pursuant to applicable regulations in the Labor Standards Act.For employees who opt to remain with the old pension scheme, or those who choose the new scheme but retain their seniority from the old scheme, 2% of their monthly payis appropriated toward the pension reserve on a monthly basis.The pension reserve is managed by the Worker Retirement Reserve Supervisory Committee and deposited in Bank of Taiwan under the name of said committee. In addition, the new "Labor Pension Act" has been enacted as of July 1, 2005. For employees who opt for the new scheme,FET appropriates 6% of their monthly pay to the Labor Insurance Bureau on a monthly basis. Full appropriation of the pension allowance is made to ensure that the pension reserve is sufficient to cover the pension expenses of employees who fulfill conditions for retirement.