Net Zero Emissions Strategy

FET's medium and long-term carbon reduction strategies center on three aspects: smart energy conservation, use of renewable energy, and energy storage. Coupled with FET's core competencies, the carbon reduction strategies go in line with the government policies on energy transformation and electricity industry reforms and are aimed at business opportunities arising from energy conservation technologies, energy storage, and smart grid and smart meter, as well as system integration.
Phased net-zero emissions goals:
100% use of renewable energy in all IDC offices and stores in Taiwan by 2030.
The entire company expects to achieve 100% use of renewable energy between 2045 to 2048.
The entire company expects to achieve 100% Scope 1+2 net-zero emissions by 2050​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Three Pillars of FET's Medium and Long-term Carbon Reduction Strategies