Green Value Chain

The annual electricity consumption of the global mobile communications network reached 1.5 trillion kWh, equivalent to 10% of total global electricity generation. The telecommunications industry will play a pivotal role in shaping a more energy efficient networks, as well as creating a positive effect on the public's environmental awareness and carbon footprint. Through FET's “Environmentally and Socially Friendly Program", we wish to gradually optimize value chain management methods and interactions, with the ultimate goal of improving our control over environmental and social impact, exerting our influence, and promoting the concept of sustainable development.
Specific energy-saving measures throughout the green value chain, including equipment rental activation from upstream suppliers, server rooms and office energy-saving solutions, remote green friendly market, green logistics, downstream mobile phone recycling programs, paperless bills and online customer service and other services are implemented. Through the use of dense networks and nodes, green products and services, FET is committed to reducing the impact of various operational activities on the environment.
FET 2019 Green value chain energy-saving solutions