Excellent Service

Zero distance service

FET has consistently upheld the spirit of "closing the distance" as we have moved forward together with our customers. We believe that paying attention to every customer need is essential for us in order to provide the best possible service that touches their hearts. With great hospitality that delivers on customer satisfaction, to services that make customer go "Wow!", FET is gradually closing the distance and creating our caring customer service philosophy to be more touching than family.
Customer Satisfaction Survey
To ensure that we respond to every customer´s opinions and feedback, we have set up a comprehensive complaints and management mechanism. We thus, from both internal and external customer satisfaction surveys as well as the customer complaint system, obtain regular feedback from our customers and ways to improve our service management process to meet their expectations are made possible through regular client satisfaction surveys.

FET commissions external market survey companies to conduct mobile phone user satisfaction survey in April and October in each year. Approximately 1,200 FET subscribers are interviewed in each survey. These surveys randomly target mobile phone users aged between 15 and 64 who have used the services of one of the five telecommunication companies in Taiwan, including FET. These consumer surveys help FET understand how we position ourselves against our competitors in each service category. For the overall services FET provided in 2020, 67% of the survey participants were satisfied. In terms of customer loyalty indicators, FET opted for the even more challenging customer net promoter score (NPS) in 2019, and scored a Grade B, indicating room for growth. Other details on the satisfaction survey are as follow:

Network reliability
Network reliability is the foundation of telecommunications services, which range over voice, data and digital services. Only by continuously maintain the highest network reliability can provide the best customer experience. Regarding the network reliability in 2021, FET maintained high network reliability, no major interruptions that required to report the government authority or disclosed by news media.
2021 Network reliability indicators:
Average Network Interruption Frequency:0.0062
Average Network Interruption Duration(Min):1.2798
*Indicator reference: SASB Telecommunications Sustainability Accounting Standards