Excellent Service

Zero distance service

FET ensures the smooth operation of customer service mechanism through an iterative service management system. Regular service quality supervision and inspection and service quality meetings are convened to make sure that customers receive quality experience and services and that the brand value is enhanced. FET integrates warm caring into customer services through a the "360° Store Service" concept and continues to launch thoughtful customer care services. Customized services are provided to meet diverse customer needs, thereby implementing FET's thoughtful philosophy of "closing the distance" in practice.
Customer Satisfaction Survey
FET commissions external market survey companies to conduct mobile phone user satisfaction survey in April and October in each year. Approximately 1,200 FET subscribers are interviewed in each survey. These surveys randomly target mobile phone users aged between 15 and 64 who have used the services of one of the five telecommunication companies in Taiwan, including FET. These consumer surveys help FET understand how we position ourselves against our competitors in each service category. Prior to the surveys, we invite employees in the marketing, sales, support, customer service, and online departments to participate in the design and discussion of the questionnaire. Improvement plans are then developed once the survey results are known so as to continually strengthen customer relations management. FET opted for the even more challenging customer net promoter score (NPS) in the second half of 2021, and the grade improved from Grade B to Grade A. Other details on the satisfaction survey are as follow:
Network reliability
Network reliability is the foundation of telecommunications services, which range over voice, data and digital services. Only by continuously maintain the highest network reliability can provide the best customer experience. Regarding the network reliability in 2021, FET maintained high network reliability, no major interruptions that required to report the government authority or disclosed by news media.
2021 Network reliability indicators:
Average Network Interruption Frequency:0.0062
Average Network Interruption Duration(Min):1.2798
*Indicator reference: SASB Telecommunications Sustainability Accounting Standards