Excellent Service

Zero distance service

FET ensures the smooth operation of customer service mechanism through an iterative service management system. Regular service quality supervision and inspection and service quality meetings are convened to make sure that customers receive quality experience and services and that the brand value is enhanced. FET integrates warm caring into customer services through a the "360° Store Service" concept and continues to launch thoughtful customer care services. Customized services are provided to meet diverse customer needs, thereby implementing FET's thoughtful philosophy of "closing the distance" in practice.


Caring Service

Service Content

Crafting the best and
most efficient store service

Store reservation service

Reserve online or through mobile devices to shorten waiting

100% promise 100% satisfaction

After 10 minutes of waiting time, customers are given NT$1
discount for every additional minute that they have to wait
to be servedin store, and the discount will be used as
deductions toward their next bills.

Self-service kiosks

Self-service kiosks are set up at certain stores throughout
Taiwan, allowing customers tomake credit card / electronic
bill payments,recharge prepaid cards, and make bill

Free 4G/5G road test

7-day free trial of 4G/5G SIM card / mobile phone.

Building comprehensive
and caring after-sales

Home delivery service for platinum members

FET Platinum VIP members can call customerservice for
repair, and FET will dispatch courier to pick up products
requiring repair / maintenance.

Mobile device insurance

Mobile device insurance can be obtained by paying monthly
or annual fees. Repair and maintenance service starting
from monthly fee of NT$99.

Mobile phone trade-in

Trade-in value appraisal, and buyback of customers' unused
or obsolete cell phones are provided as credits for customers
purchasing new phones and to be more

The FET store service handbook has service guidelines that cover interactions and service reminders for customers with special needs, including the elderly, young children, physically or mentally challenged, and those experiencing language or product difficulties, so that all consumers can experience the thoughtful customer care from FET. FET also encourages all stores to launch community service projects based on their local needs to expand opportunities to communicate with and reach out to the public. For instance, our channel training department collaborated with neighboring communities in Greater Taipei area to host neighborhood consumer courses, so that elderly citizens can learn about the uses and operations of smart products without going to a FET store.

In addition, by planning and implementing innovative system and functions, FET's call center is gradually transforming from traditional to a digitized customer service center. By developing FET Mobile Circle App and Customer Experience Management (CEM) system, we are committed to building a well-rounded digital service center and working toward customer service 4.0. Through continuing to strengthen self-service functions to increase the ratio of digitization, and using big data to analyze consumer's online behavior, customer service personnel can quickly confirm customer status and provide fitting responses to solve signal-related problems.

Customer Satisfaction

An internal service quality and process management mechanism that understands customer opinions and feedback, and ensures that various needs are met, through regular internal and external service satisfaction survey and comprehensive customer complaint management system. These systems help FET to continuously optimize customer management processes. Concurrently, FET also includes customer satisfaction as one of the performance indicators for employee evaluation. By emphasizing on high service quality, we strive to provide unique user experience and the best service perception for customers.

Overall Satisfaction Survey (External)

FET commissions external market survey companies to conduct mobile phone user satisfaction survey in April and October in each year. Approximately 1,200 FET subscribers are interviewed in each survey. These surveys randomly target mobile phone users aged between 15 and 64 who have used the services of one of the five telecommunication companies in Taiwan, including FET. These consumer surveys help FET understand how we position ourselves against our competitors in each service category. Prior to the surveys, we invite employees in the marketing, sales, support, customer service, and online departments to participate in the design and discussion of the questionnaire. Improvement plans are then developed once the survey results are known so as to continually strengthen customer relations management. FET opted for the even more challenging customer net promoter score (NPS) in the second half of 2022, and the grade improved continuously. Other details on the satisfaction survey are as follow:

  • *1. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) of customers is calculated using an internationally accepted method. Customers are asked to rate their willingness to recommend the company on a scale of 0-10. The NPS is obtained by subtracting the percentage of respondents who rated 0-6 from the percentage of respondents who rated 9-10. FET adjusted the order of the customer recommendation questions in the questionnaire in 2020, so the data is only disclosed for 2020 to 2022.
  • *2. 2,400 users aged 15-64 years old who have used FET services for more than three months (inclusive) were randomly selected for the interview,accounting for approximately 80% of all FET users. Scores were from 0-5 points. And the score of overall satisfaction were five-point scale, which divided into"Excellent","Very Good","Good", "Fair", and "Poor". The definition of"Satisfied"is the ratio of"Excellent","Very Good", and “Good.