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Customer Privacy Protection

To fulfill our information and personal data visions to "treasure customer entrustment, respect for customer data, win the trust of customers, and maintain sustainable services," FET has set up a corporate security organization and has established nearly 100 quantitative measurement indicators for our business divisions and units to deal with personnel, operations, technology, and regulatory related issues. We regularly review the progress in achieving these targets and implement remedial measures for areas where we lag behind to ensure that personal data protection and information security are being effectively managed. As of December 2019, FET received 9 customer privacy related complaints from the competent authority. Except for one of which, where concerns of data protection arose from FET personnel's negligence and inappropriate management, all cases have been investigated and there were no violations to the Personal Data Protection Act.

Furthermore, in line with the requirement from Telecommunications Act and other applicable laws, which stipulate that Taiwan's telecom operators need to disclose the basic information and call detail records (CDR)of their customers upon receiving lawful written requests from government agencies, FET has established the "Standard Operating Procedure for Processing Requests for Call Detail Records and Customer Basic Information." Accordingly, all responses to such requests are sent via secure and encrypted methods, and details of such inquiries are also properly retained and documented. FET also actively responds to concerns of inappropriate leaks and usage of data and personal information by continuing to emphasize the importance of customer privacy protection to all departments, as well as by implementing processing trail management and advocates for the reinforcement of identity verification process. In 2019, FET responded to all written requests from government agencies. Number of responses accounted for approximately 2.7% of all SIM cards issued by FET.

Besides ensuring the thoroughness of information security management system through international standard certifications related to information security management, FET also continues to strengthen and test the information security and personal data awareness in internal staff. When risks are voluntarily identified, they are immediately improved to ensure the effective workings of information security protection and supervisory mechanism in the hopes of keeping anticipated risks to a minimum.