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Customer Privacy Protection

FET has set up a corporate security organization and has established vision, policy, goal of communication security according to ISO standards, set up management mechanism for our business divisions and units to deal with personnel, operations, technology, and regulatory related issues. We regularly review the progress and continuously improve the performance. In response to the incoming era of the 5th generation mobile network (5G) and targeting new businesses, structures and technologies driven by 5G, FET integrates with existing network and cooperate with third parties in multiple modes for cross-field and cross-industry innovative applications. In view of new challenges in information security and privacy protection, FET will continue to strengthen the protective mechanisms for technologies, management and personnel in terms of network building, operations, and operational management. Furthermore, resource allocations and adjustments will be instantly made. Finally, FET will also promote and implement the management over information security, privacy protection, business continuity, and other security-related fields.

In order to provide a good and secure experience, FET has developed its own intelligent monitoring platform with built-in multi-dimensional visualization dashboard version and customized threat detection rules to more accurately locate security risks and assist information security personnel to take proactive defense and block before hackers initiate probes and cause possible threats. The SOC consists of professional personnel with more than 10 years of experience in information security and possessing CEH and other information security licenses. The SOC regularly performs information security tests such as vulnerability scanning, source code inspection, and penetration testing every year, and if relevant vulnerabilities are found, they are repaired within the specified time frame and must pass a retest. FET Information Security Monitoring System has been set up to manage the information and technology security, personnel safety, physical and environment security, and personal information management for customers, the main points of information security are as follows: