Digital Inclusion

In recent years, Taiwan‘s urban-rural gap continues to widen and children residing in remote areas lack the access to decent learning environment. With the arrival of the digital age, the importance of lifelong learning in digital technology has been emphasized. In order to ensure the diversity and fairness of education quality, FET uses its core business capabilities to respond to UN SDGs Quality Education (SDG 4) and Reduce Inequality (SDG 10) in order to improve the overall quality of education for children in Taiwan, and continue to improve social inequality. Launching the “Revolutionize Education, Spread Love Far” project, FET focuses on the development of a series of activities on bridging the urban-rural educational gap via digital technology to improve the quality of education and social inequality.

Revolutionize Education, Spread Love Far
Building a "Big Data/AI/IoT Future Technology Lab" and improving the "computer lab" at Wanli Elementary School:FET formed the "Sustainability Pioneer Team" with upstream and downstream suppliers to help under funded organizations. This year the Team devoted over $1 M to build a " Big Data/AI/IoT Future Technology Lab" and improve the "computer lab" at Wanli Elementary School, replacing software and hardware and benefitting 300 teachers and students. 「PaGamO」Digital Literacy:FET promotes digital literacy with PaGamO on new technologies (Big Data, AI, IoT) and smart phone addiction to students with the aim of motivating students to learn to use their phones properly through fun online games.
  • A total of 588,704 students participated in the FET mission
「Facing Smartphone Addiction」Digital Literacy:FET's core business is information and communication that bring convenience and fast internet access to the public, while also focusing on the social issue of smartphone addiction. FET collaborated with Pley School in designing the "Facing Smartphone Addiction" online course to help students to learn how to use smartphones properly through game-based seminars. We also create lesson plans for teachers to download, so that the influence can be spread to enhance digital literacy.
  • Organized a total of 26 courses, with a total of 2,523 participants
  • 2021 downloads for Teachers' Guide Reached 11,941 potential customers
FET and Ericsson volunteers at the Scratch event at the Wanli Elementary School:Scratch is suitable for all ages. Users without programming experience can program by dragging and dropping pre-set building blocks to stack commands, set or control the actions and changes of characters and backgrounds. FET and Ericsson work together to teach students game development and encourage them to think creatively and independently about how to meet the requirements.
  • 12 volunteers participated in activities to interact with school teachers and students
  • Reached about 50 students and teachers
Digital experience education
Digital experience education• "Elementary School Learning Activities – Big Data / AI / IoT App": In 2021, we collaborated with National Taiwan Normal University and Asia Eastern University of Science and Technology in a teaching program for elementary schools. Through in-person teaching, students of Ruifang, Haishan, and Yilan Chuan Elementary Schools learned about 5G / AI / IoT / Big Data from hands-on activities in 6 sessions (3 hours per session). "Elementary School Learning Activities - Innovative digital camp": In 2021, we collaborated with National Taiwan Normal University and Asia Eastern University of Science and Technology in a teaching program for elementary schools. Students learned about 5G / AI / IoT / Big Data from hands-on activities in online classes. 9 sessions were held for elementary schools in Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Hualien (2 days / session). 2 AI Digital Courses for schools and companies: One lecture on "Principles and Applications of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency" (online) was given to help ASU students understand blockchain and cryptocurrency.
  • 16 activity sessions
  • Reached a total of 734 elementary school teachers, schoolchildren, external lecturers, teaching assistants and staff.
Publishing Charity General Science Textbooks
• In 2021, we continued to participate in the Ministry of Education's "Rural Digital Application Promotion Project" and "Technology Assisted Independent Learning Project". Donated "Exploring AIoT" written by EC, using textile factories as an example, to help small, medium, rural areas and general public understand AIoT technologies and management applications that have been introduced into the industry.
  • 995 books were donated to 115 rural area digital learning centers and 45 elementary schools
2021 International Green and Smart Mobility Forum
• In order to promote lifelong learning in smart technology, FET invites experts from the industry, government, and academia every year to discuss the application of 5G smart technology and vertical integration of the industry to promote Taiwan's sustainable innovation economy."The 8th International Green Intelligent Transportation (Online) Forum 2021": Focus on ICT - Industry Carbon Neutrality: Held online due to the pandemic from 10/20 to 10/27, with a total of 6 online sessions and 1 Teams session and 521 registrants. In 2021, audiences in 11 regions were reached, including Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Turkey, Canada, Belize, and Sweden, with a 3.6 times increase in the number of people reached in a single week compared to 2020.
  • 6 online lectures and 1 live seminar was held
  • Reached 71,771 potential customers