Core Spirit

FET's public charity input strategy encompasses three key aspects: environmental education, digital inclusion, and social engagement. Through these initiatives, we align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and strive to achieve the following visions: eradicating poverty (SDG 1), promoting good health and well-being (SDG 3), ensuring quality education (SDG 4), reducing inequalities (SDG 10), and taking action on climate change (SDG 13). In addition, upholding the spirit of protecting everyone's right of basic telecommunications services, FET also provides diversified rate plans based on the needs of low-income and special groups.

Type of Resource Input 2019 2020 2021 2022
Direct investment into public charity projects 5,393,246 5,710,537 2,531,955 674,657
Amount translated from employee volunteer services 14,417,265 18,584,404 912,282 2,101,329
Value of in-kind donations 1,254,331 7,392,436 1,621,184 2,908,431
Other personnel and administrative expenses 4,566,000 3,527,805 3,563,937 4.016,250
Total 21,051,121 35,215,182 8,636,463 9,607,917

Diversified rate plans
Special Consumer Group Program Name Program Content
Foreign Visitors
(Taoyuan Airport Exclusive)
Tourist Prepaid Card for Foreign Visitors Provide internet access charged by day, 4G unlimited data, starting from
People with Physical
and Mental Disabilities
Genial Plan We provide cost-effective plans for disabled individuals that are more
affordable than market rates. Alongside the 499 mobile number only
and the 599 4G full-speed internet access with mobile phone plans,
we also offer 299 mobile number only plans or plans tied with mobile
phone light internet usage. These plans provide unlimited usage for
the initial six months and are accessible to all users.
Seniors over the age of 60 Evergreen Plan For individuals aged 60 and above who prioritize phone calls over internet
usage,FET offers the value-added monthly rental plan priced at $149/199.
This plan includes limited internet access and provides 20 minutes of on-net
and 20 minutes of off-net calls free of charge every month.  
Foreign Workers IF Prepaid Card New immigrant workers in Taiwan can apply for free SIM card and a 16-day
unlimited Internet services. Unlimited access 30-day Internet service starting
at NT$499.