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I am an E-Tone card customer. If I want to switch to the IF Card instead, do I need to change my SIM card and/or pay extra fees? Can I keep my E-Tone card mobile number?
Far EasTone now offers the service of changing from the E-Tone card to the IF Card and allow the customer to keep his/her original number. The service fee is NT$300. You just need to dial 123 from your mobile phone to speak to a Customer Service representative to process the change for you. We would like to remind you that if you are currently on a special rate plan, you will no longer be entitled to the special rate when you change from E-Tone to IF. Therefore we recommend that you stay with your current plan until it expires before you make the change, and your E-Tone deposit can also be refunded.Reminders:
  1. Once the change is processed, the service fee of NT$300 will appear on your next month´s E-Tone bill. If you change your mind after the switch to IF Card is processed, the service fee will still be charged regardless.
  2. After you complete the change and before the new card is delivered, your original E-Tone card will be suspended temporarily due to a systems switch.
  3. The IF Card does not offer the features of international roaming, domestic roaming, call waiting, conference call, call forwarding, mobile fax, mobile data, and call barring.
  4. As for the deposit you have paid for the E-Tone card plan, if the contract you signed did not have a restriction on service period, Far EasTone will return your deposit via wire transfer in 4 to 6 weeks from the last account closing date, after you switch to IF Card.
To whom can I send short messages?
Currently Far EasTone customers can send and receive short messages. In addition, you can always receive short messages from customers of mobile service providers that offer SMS. For Far EasTone customers who roam internationally on another network, it depends on the support capability of each roaming partner as to whether the SMS works.
What should I do if my phone is locked as I enter the wrong SIM card password by three times?
Please call Far Easotne Customer Service 02-449-5123, the service representative will help you to unlock the phone. However, if you enter the wrong SIM unlock code ten times, the SIM card will become invalid and a new SIM card has to be issued. If you input the wrong handset password (phone lock or security code) so that you can no longer make or receive calls, you need to ask your mobile phone distributor to return the phone back to the manufacturer for decoding.
Could I do if I lost my mobile phone?
Please dial Far Eas Tone Customer Service number 02-449-5123 (in Taiwan only, 24 hours a day service) if your mobile phone has been lost or stolen. You will receive the new SIM around 3 days.
What should I do if I don't understand my bill?
Far EasTone Post-Paid customers please dial 888/123 for the free Customer Care service line. If your Post-Paid card is lost or stolen please call 02-449-5123
Can I change my rate plan anytime?
Once you change your rate plan, the new rates will take effect starting from the next billing cycle. We would like to remind you that you may change your rate plan only once a month. Note: If you are a contract customer, you may choose the original rate plan or switch to a higher monthly-fee plan where the monthly fee may apply towards airtime charges.
How do I skip the greeting when I dial 222 to access my voice mail?
Voice mail has two stages; the first-stage greeting does not incur charges. When you hear the second-stage greeting, press "#" key to skip your personal or the system greeting. We suggest that you record a brief and clear second-stage personal greeting with instructions that will save money for your friends and family who call you. To record your own greeting: Dial 222 from your handset to enter voice mail, then "2222" to record your personal greeting.
How is the call forwarding service charged?
If Customer A diverts his/her mobile phone to a local phone B, when Customer C calls Customer A's mobile phone, the call will be diverted to local phone B. Once the call is connected, the charges to the three parties are as follows: A. FET mobile phone customer: Charged by the second according to the customer's rate plan (because the forwarding amounts to a call from FET mobile phone to the local phone).B. Local phone: The receiver is not charged.C. Caller: Charged by his/her telecom service provider according to their own rates.
What does it mean when my mobile phone displays【112 only】?
It's possible that your mobile phone has logged-on to another network, in which you are not authorized to make or receive calls other than the GSM emergency call 112. This is why your mobile phone may show [112 only].Generally speaking, your mobile phone should only select the FET network. If it is logged-on to other networks, it could be due to unstable or weak signals. In this case, you can select the FET network manually.
Why is it that some incoming calls do not display their number on the handset screen?
There are several possible reasons why caller ID doesn't work: 1. The caller blocks his/her number.2. The switch of the caller's service provider does not offer the caller ID feature. 3. Not only do the switches of both the caller and the receiver need to provide caller ID service, the transmission network between them, I.e. the Chunghwa Telecom network has to provide the same service in order for caller ID to work.


What is the Far EasTone IF Card?
Far EasTone IF Card is a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card which can be recharge with credits. Each call you make, Far EasTone will check the account balance and automatically deduct the calling fees from your account. There is no monthly statement with no monthly rental fees or deposit to pay.
If the IF Card still has remaining credits, and I recharge it, will the previous credits be added to the new recharge credits?
Yes, old credits and new credits are added together, and the expiration date will be 6 months from the date of the most recent recharge.
What should I do if I lose my IF Card?
To protect your rights, please call Far EasTone Customer Service at 0936-000-777 to report your missing card. You only need to pay the replacement fee of NT$300 to get a new IF Card and still keep your original mobile number.
Does each Far EasTone IF Card have its own number? How long can I keep the number?
Each IF Card comes with its own number. The Far EasTone IF Card you purchased will have NT$300 credits already stored. The expiration date is 6 months from the date you make the first phone call. If you continue to purchase IF Recharge Cards, use the ATM or Internet to add more credits, then the expiration will restart counting from the day new credits are added to your account. Therefore the expiration date of your mobile number will also extend for another six months counting from the day the new credits are added. (※ By using the ATM or Internet, new credits must be added to your account two days prior to the IF Card expiration date in order to keep your mobile number.)
How do I change the billing plans on my IF Card?
Whether you are a new IF Card user or changing from the E-Tone Card to the IF Card, the rate is defaulted to the regular rate plan. You may choose different billing plans depending on the number of calls you make. Far EasTone provides the following two convenient ways to change billing plans for your IF card. You may choose to change billing plans any time, with the first change free of charge. Every successful change made afterwards will be charge a NT$50 transaction fee. The NT$50 transaction fee will be deducted from the account balance in your IF card. Change billing plans is effective within two hours.1. Dial from your handset to change the rate plan Just use your handset to dial the rate plan code ("701" for the regular rate plan, "702" for the new leisure rate plan), then press the send button. After connection, a voice message plays back to acknowledge the change made. For example, to change from regular to the new leisure rate plan, press 702 on your handset, press the send button to complete the change. The new billing plan you selected will be effective within 2 hours. Whether or not the change is successful, the system will automatically send a Chinese and an English SMS to notify you of the change.Please note that changes cannot be made under the following three circumstances:
Enrolled in other promotions, using the promotion rate. With a credit balance of less than NT$50 (with the exception of the first change) The changed rate plan is the same as the original rate plan.2. Change through Customer ServiceDial 777 from your handset to connect to the free voice service line for IF Card users. Connect to customer service and request to change the rate plan.
How do I add credits to my IF Card?
The IF Card provides you with the following innovative and convenient ways to add credits to your account:1. Purchase a new recharge card and add the credits by dialing 777 from your handset. 2. Use the ATM to perform a fund transfer to add new credits.3. Use the FET Payment Center at the English web site to add new credits with a credit card.
How do I add new credits using an ATM?
You may use any ATM with the capability to transfer inter-bank funds to add credits to your account balance anytime. The steps are as follows:
  1. Insert your ATM card and enter your "Personal ID #".
  2. Choose the "Transfer" function.
  3. At the "Bank Code" prompt, enter "805" for Far Eastern International Bank.
  4. At the "Account #" prompt, you must enter "777 + your mobile phone number" for a total of 13 digits entered.
  5. Enter the "Amount". ("Amount" would be the credit you wish to add to your account, with a minimum of NT$300 and a maximum of NT$5,000.)
  6. Check to confirm all numbers are entered correctly, press "Enter" to complete the fund transfer procedure.(Note: If the receipt has no message codes, it means the transaction was successful. Keep the receipt for your records. If the transfer is completed before 3:30 p.m. during weekdays, credits will be added to your account on the next business day. The ATM transaction fee of NT$18 debited from your bank account will be credited to your IF Card account. For example, if you have transferred NT$300, credits added to your IF Card would be NT$318. (※ New credits must be added to your account two days prior to the expiration date to keep your mobile number.)
Can I find out the airtime used per call? How do I know if I am running out of credits or if the expiration date is due soon?
All brands of handsets have the function of displaying the airtime (in seconds) used for the last call you just made. Although there might be some inevitable errors in records due to data transaction between the handset and the system, this function provides a reference for you to track the phone calls you make.You may also dial 777 from your handset to connect to the free voice service line for IF Card users. Press "2" to check your account balance and the expiration date. In addition to providing the detailed records of the last five calls you made, your IF Card also reminds you that the credit is low (less than NT$50) or if the expiration date is due soon (15 days before expiration). The system will remind you (by voice message if your credit is less than $50; by the "beep" sound if there's only 40 seconds, 30 seconds and 15 seconds left), at this time you should purchase a recharge card to recharge the credits in order to keep your mobile number.
Can I still receive calls after credits in my IF Card are all used up?
As long as the IF Card is not expired, you are able to continue to receive incoming calls. For your convenience, please continue to purchase recharge cards, add credits using the ATM or Internet so that you may make calls from your handset.
(※ By using the ATM or Internet, new credits must be added to your account two days prior to the expiration date to keep your mobile number.)
Can I add a lot of credits at once? How is the expiration date calculated?
You may add lots of credits at once. The system will accumulate the new credits to your balance, with the expiration date counting from the last day you add new credits to the account (※ expiration dates are not accumulated). Credits added to your account are not transferable. To protect your rights, the highest credit you may store in your account is limited to NT$5,000.
Why is SMS not functioning?
lease first check for the following:
  1. SMS Service Center number is set to 【+886931000099】
  2. SMS is sent to users of Far EasTone, TransAsia, Mobitai, KG Telecom, Taiwan Cellular, Chung-Hwa Telecom and countries with which Far EasTone has signed roaming contracts.
  3. Your handset is operating normally in sending and receiving calls and is able to receive SMS messages from your voice mailbox.
  4. Is the IF Card balance less than zero? (if the balance is less than "0", then your SMS function is temporarily shut down. Once you add new credits to your account, SMS will restore function in 15 minutes. The negative balance will be debited from credits added.)
I am an IF Card user now. If I want to change to the E-Tone card, can I still keep the IF Card number? How?
If you want to change to the E-Tone card, you need to first finish using the credits on your IF Card and listen to all your messages in the voice mailbox. Bring the IF card, your personal ID and chop to any Far EasTone retail location to apply for the change. Complete and sign the E-Tone card contract, return the IF SIM card and pay a deposit of NT$2,400, and your number will be activated within 48 hours of application. Your voice mailbox will also be available when the number is activated. If you change your service before using up the credits on the IF Card, the balance will be forfeited and not useable again.Important to note:
  1. You need to finish using the credits on your IF card, or they will be forfeited.
  2. If you were a E-Tone card user before changing to IF Card and want to change back to E-Tone card again, you will need to first pay all outstanding bills from your previous E-Tone card account before applying to change back to E-Tone card.
  3. When you apply for cancellation of service, the guarantee fund will be returned to you via wire transfer to your bank account. At the time the contract is cancelled, please provide user's bank name, branch name at which the account was opened, and provide the bank account number. (User meaning the person signing the contract, or "Customer" as stated in the application form.)
  4. The system will reset the voice mailbox, therefore you must listen to all your messages before applying for the new service.
  5. Changing from regular IF Card to E-Tone card 2000 requires an upgrade fee of NT$300.
After entering the wrong password three times, how do I unlock the security system?
If you enter the wrong password (PIN or PIN2) three times, you may call Far EasTone Customer Service at 0800-058-885 to ask for the PIN unlock code. However if the wrong PIN unlock code is entered up to ten times, the SIM card will be locked and prohibited from use; you would need to change to a new SIM card. If you cannot receive or send calls as the result of entering the wrong handset password (Phone Lock or Security Code), the handset must be returned to the factory for decoding. Contact the distributors for more information.