The Right to Privacy Statement

The Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (the "Company") absolutely respects the right of privacy of the users. In order for the users to understand how the Company collects, uses and protects the information individual or corporate users provide to the Company, please carefully read the following statement of privacy policy. The statement will disclose how the data or information related to you is being collected by the Company through (the "FETnet"), how they are used by the Company, and the privacy policy adopted by the Company for the purpose.
Collecting and Testing of User's Information
When users apply for various services on FETnet, the Company collects, with the consent of the individual or corporate users, the personal information of users for the purposes of verifying their identity and providing value added services. The scope of the information collected covers: (i)when the users register as the Company's mobile phones members of FETnet, their personal or corporate names, personal ID numbers or corporate uniform numbers, nicknames, e-mail addresses, professions or types of business, education levels, marital status, personal incomes, business turnover, and preferences and interest information of real persons or of corporations; and (ii)when the users register as the Company's non-mobile service user members of FETnet, their personal or corporate names, personal ID numbers or corporate uniform numbers, birth years and birth dates, gender, the name of the telecom carrier to which their mobile phone services belong, nicknames, e-mail addresses, professions or types of business, education levels, marital status, personal incomes, business turnover, and preferences and interest information of real persons or of corporations.
Web events: FETnet may request users to provide personal or corporate names, personal ID or corporate uniform numbers, telephones numbers, e-mail and mailing addresses when FETnet holds web events or conducting investigation.
Link service to FETnet advertisers: Either FETnet advertisers or FETnet-linked websites may collect and use personal or corporate users’ information. Each advertiser and website should have its own privacy protection policy. FETnet is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party.
On-line Shopping: User still enjoys privacy policy protection by on-line shopping on FETnet. FETnet is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party if user links to the other websites for on-line shopping.
In addition, FETnet will maintain relative records generated as the user browses or searches on-line, including, IP addresses, time used, browser, records of browsing and clicking history.
Other than personal data provided as required and one proactively registers with our website, other personal information such as e-mail, name, etc. provided by the user himself with FETnet, chat room in service, discussion forum is not covered in the scope of this privacy protection policy.
Using of the User's Information
The Company will not at its own discretion provide one's personal information to third party without consent of the user. However, the Company may share your data with third party under the following circumstances in accordance with the principles of the policy:
When it becomes necessary to share a user's information with provider for preferential services or benefits, the user has the right to opt for accepting this preferential service or benefit during the event.
The user has agreed to provide his personal information to the Company's affiliates when he applies for the Company's services.
Under public security concern, judicial authorities or government agency requests the Company to provide specific personal information according to law, the Company will follow legal and official procedure set by the judicial authorities and government agency and concern of security of all users to provide necessary cooperation.
Modification or Change of the User's Information
After registration to be a member of the FETnet, a user may from time to time by using his account number(mobile phone number if a user of the Company's mobile phone, or for a non-user of the Company's mobile phone, a self-set account number)and password to modify or change any personal or corporate information he registered before. However, the scope of modification or change may not affect previous records of service content and transaction data.
Use of Web Links
The website of the Company may also provide links to other websites in order that the user may click into other websites through the Company's website. The Company does not protect the user's right of privacy in those linked websites.
Exceptions to the Right to Privacy Clause
If the user is under investigation conducted by judicial or law enforcement authorities for suspicious criminal act, the Company will cooperate with the investigation and provide related information of the user.
Use of Cookies
In order to recognize the data used by users, the system of the Company may use cookies(small data text files placed on user's computer or device) to record user's behavior in using his computer or device. The Company's server will write information it needed through browser into hard-disk of the user. When next time the browser requests the server to send back website data, the function of cookies allows the Company's to automatically collect certain information and store into the server about the user's device and record of his visits embedded in the cookies, such as his IP address, browser type, date and time, the web page you visited before visiting the Company's websites, the user's activities and purchases on the Company's websites, and other analytical information associated with the sites. Website server then can execute different activities or submit specific information according to the user's individual preferences back to the user's computer or device.

Under the following circumstances, the Company's internet will write into or read from your computer cookies data or information:
to provide user personalized service for his convenience
to improve the Company’s service by collecting statistics and analyzing user’s model of browsing
Right to Correct or Modify the Right to Privacy Protection Clause
The Company may implement appropriate update, amend and supplement this FETnet Privacy Protection Policy in accordance with trend of science developments, amendments of related laws or regulations or consideration of change of other environments in order to carry out concept of protecting user's privacy. Any amendment or modification made to such Policy will be shown at the web sites of the Company.
Security Mechanism of Information Network
FETnet adopts SSO(Single Sign On)mechanism for members to sign in. Internal database and host computer of the Computer are responsible to membership verification and for move to authenticate. Non-member cannot use and sign in for any service. To join as a member one must provide and fill in related information and SMS to authorize initiation of services.

An integration of sign-in mechanism with 6 digit graphic verification code can put an end to mechanical sign-in and hacking.

All web pages related to users or transaction adopts https encryption method to prevent any steal of data or information. All the Company’s network is covered with firewall to physically protect the safety of host computers.

When the user clicks and selects [to keep auto log-in for 30 days] and sign-in on his computer or device, system of the Company will encrypt log-in information and store in the user’s computer. When the user enters service page and log-in information is required, the system will automatically send the user’s log-in information back to the Company’s host computer for authentication and allows the user maintain his auto log-in status and with the convenience to use any service.

Please keep one’s passwords or any personal information in custody properly and do not provide any personal information, specifically passwords to any other people. Please remember to sign out one’s account each time as you complete shopping, or accessing and reading e-mails. If you are sharing computer for public use or using a public computer, definitely remember to close window of browser to prevent other people to read your personal information or your mails.

Therefore, do not click or select [to keep auto log-in for 30 days] message while you are using a public or sharing computer, and remember to click and select log-out key each time you leave the computer to protect the security of your information.
Protection Measures on Copyrights
The Company always respects intellectual property rights. If the user uploads, downloads, posts at will unauthorized images, pictures, music or articles, or using software such as P2P to transmit unauthorized images, pictures, music or articles, the Company shall carry out copyright protection measures such as(i)according to the Third Sub-Paragraph, Article 90-7, Chapter VI-1 Limitations on Liability for Internet Service Providers of the Copyright Act as amended on 22 January 2014, responding expeditiously to remove, or disable access to, the allegedly infringing content or related information upon notification by a copyright holder or plate rights holder of the alleged infringement by the user of the service provider; or(ii)according to the Second Sub-Paragraph, Article 90-4 of the same Chapter, after informing users that in the event of repeat alleged infringements up to three times the service provider shall terminate the service in whole or in part. Please refer to the web site of the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China for detailed explanation and information.
The information of the window to receive copyright infringement claims of the Company is as followed:
Name of contact window: Mailbox of Customer Care
Address: No. 468, Ruei Guang Road, Taipei City 11492, Republic of China
Telephone No.: (02)4495888
Fax No.: (02)7720-3231
E-mail Address:
Content to Notify Users under Personal Information Protection Act
As running telecommunications and value added telecommunications network business, the Company always bases on respecting the users’ rights and interests and utilizing good faith and the following principles as we collect, processing or use the user's personal information:

The purposes of collecting user's personal information are: marketing; processing and use of personal information other than government agencies in performing its legal duties; credit cards; cash cards; debit cards or electronic stored value cards business; contracts; quasi-contracts or affairs with regards to other legal relationships; announcement of government policies; legitimate business transaction with respect to personal information; emergency services to Republic of China citizens stayed abroad; consumers; customer management and services; consumer protection; accounting management and debt deals business; accounting and related services; businesses dealing with telecommunications operation and telecommunications value added networks; information services; information and database management; information and communication securities and management; online shopping and other e-commerce services; advertisement or business administration; movie and television; music and media management; credit checking; investigation; statistics and research analysis; other businesses which fit items listed in the business registration and the articles of incorporation; other advisory and consultation services, etc.

What the Company will collect from the user is limited to the necessary personal information as prescribed by categories of personal information announced by the authorities and only related to the purpose of carrying out of telecommunications or of value added telecommunication(including value added services, various incentives deals, marketing, activities information, market survey, accounting treatment, arrears reminders or other related telecommunication operation items) businesses. The personal information collected shall include but is not limited to the names of the client himself(or his representative's)or his legal representatives as recorded on the various application forms, personal identification numbers, other certified documentation sufficient to identify identity, address, contact telephone, electronic mail address, date of birth and other related and necessary information.

The personal information collected by the Company will be used only at the preliminary stage of the setting up of the service contract, during the duration of the contract or during the period agreed upon the user, with the exception of the custodian period prescribed by related government laws or regulations. The users’ personal information will only be processed and used by the Company and outsourcing vendors of the Company in the territory of jurisdiction of the Republic of China of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu, etc.

Under the custodian status by the Company, the user may exercise the right of inquiring of, review of, requiring making of duplications, requesting supplementing of, correction of, requesting ceasing of collecting, processing, or using and deleting the user's personal information. To exercise the above-mentioned rights, it is required that the user to submit personal identification to the customer contact window or direct stores of the Company to apply and fill out the processing application form of the Company. The matters with respect to the method of providing related application information, duration of processing, fees for inquiry shall all comply with provisions of laws, regulations, internal business regulations of the Company and service contract. The Company has the discretion to approve or disapprove the user's application after considering of Articles 10 and 11 of the Personal Information Protection Act, necessity of carrying out business and legally required custody period, etc.

The applicant for the Company's services has the discretion to provide or not to provide his personal information. If he chooses not to provide or chooses to provide only partial personal information, the Company may not be able to approve the application or to provide the user complete service based on the Company's purposes of consolidating sound telecommunication business and of implementing value added telecommunications networks.