Wireless Broadband

Monthly Fee (NTD) NT$199 NT$299 NT$499 NT$699
Domestic Data Allowance 200MB 2GB 5GB Unlimited 4G LTE data
Excess Data Reduction (Speed reduced to) <128Kbps
  • 4G FET Broadband rate plan can only be applied at FET/Arcoa retail store. (A 24/36 months contract and prepayment is required.)
  • Domestic data allowance applies to internet APN service.(KB is the minimum unit, 1MB=1024KB and 1GB=1024MB.)
  • After reaching 70% / 98% of monthly data allowance, a SMS for reminding purpose will be received. Net speed will be restricted at 128Kbps once the monthly data allowance being used up, and customers can purchase Data Booster for high speed data allowance.(Data Booster can only be rolled over one payment period.)
  • Far EasTone offers frequency band 700/1800/2600MHZ for 4G, please note that your devices support at least one of them.
  • Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. reserves the rights to enforce all terms & restrictions at any time.
  • During the contract period, it is forbidden for improper business activities. If there is a violation, Far EasTone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. reserves all rights.