IF Prepaid Card Offers You the 6 options:

    4G LTE Prepaid Rate Plan 5G Prepaid Rate Plan
Rate Plan 300 Volume Pack 1.8 Value Pack 3 Daypass Pack 5 Daypass Pack 30 Daypass Pack 60GB Volume Pack
List Price NT$300 NT$300 NT$300 NT$500 NT$999 NT$999
Internet 1.2GB 3 days 3 days 5 days 30 days 60GB
within 60 days unlimited
data access
data access
data access
60GB cap, 10 Mbps speeds
for the rest of the validity period
within 60 days
Free Air-Time $100 $300 $100 $200 $100 $100
On-net Free NT$2,000
(within 30 days)
N/A NT$2,000
(within 30 days)
(within 30 days)
SMS Rate/each
$0.8708/$2.6127 $0.8696/$2.6091 $0.8708/$2.6127 $0.8696/$2.6091 $0.8696/$2.6091
MMS Rate/each
$1/$6(under 30K) $1/$6(under 30K) $1/$6(under 30K) $1/$6(under 30K) $1/$6(under 30K)
Voice Price/Sec. Peak Time On-net: $0.1/sec On-net: $0.03/sec On-net: $0.1/sec On-net: $0.03/sec On-net: $0.03/sec
Off-net $0.174/sec Off-net $0.03/sec Off-net $0.174/sec Off-net $0.03/sec Off-net $0.03/sec
Off-Peak Time On-net: $0.05/sec On-net: $0.03/sec On-net: $0.05/sec On-net: $0.03/sec On-net: $0.03/sec
Off-net: $0.0869/sec Off-net: $0.03/sec Off-net: $0.0869/sec Off-net: $0.03/sec Off-net: $0.03/sec
  1. Off-peak : 23:00 ~ 08:00 Mon to Fri, Sat 12:00 ~ Mon 08:00 and National holidays.
  2. Except the above periods, other periods and the adjusted workdays are regarded as peak period.
  3. 300 Volume Pack contains 1.2GB data usage including 180MB for purchase and 1048.8MB for free.
  4. 60GB Volume Pack contain 60GB data usage including 1GB for purchase and 59GB for free.