Important Information

The SIM will be valid for 6 months from the first call you make. Every time you add credit to your account, your account valid period will be extended for 6 months from the date the credit is added.
For security reasons, the maximum balance allowed to accumulate in your account is NT$5,000.
If your "IF SIM Card" is lost, stolen, or damaged, you need only dial 0936-000-777 or go to any Far EasTone retail store to apply for a replacement. You may retain your original mobile number for a SIM replacement fee
Internet access quality might be impacted by location, route traffic and the number of users.
Please fill out the "FET Prepaid Card customer Information Card". FET will activate the mobile phone service within 24 hours. According to government regulations, dual certificates are required to apply for Prepaid SIM. The admission of your guardian is required if under age of 20.