The term SMS stands for Short Message Service. With FETnet's SMS, you can use the Internet to send text messages to your friends and colleagues. As long as you are a FETnet Member, you will be able to send Chinese/English text messages to the mobile phones of your friends and family. All you have to do is enter your message, friends' mobile phone numbers and your message will be delivered to their mobile handset!

This send short message service is only provided to Far EasTone mobile services customers.
The sender will be charged a standard rate of NT$2.6127 for every text message sent to subscribers in Taiwan whereas that of Int'l SMS is NT$5. All fees will be charged to the sender's monthly Far EasTone mobile phone bill, or deducted from the sender's IF Card balance.
Simply access FETnet's SMS page and enter your Chinese/English message and recipients' mobile numbers. FETnet will then send your message to their mobile phones!
If your mobile phone adopts the GSM standard, you can send SMS (short message service) messages that contain 70 English/Chinese characters combined, or 160 English characters. Some handsets allow the input of messages containing more than 70 English/Chinese combined characters or more than 160 English characters, but divide the message into several SMS messages for continuous transmission purposes.
Please note that some handsets will require Chinese language support in order to display the message.
Terms & Conditions
To prevent cancellation of your FETnet SMS service, please refrain from sending harassing or disturbing messages. If legal action is taken as a result, FETnet will be obligated to provide message records to law enforcement authorities. Thank you for your cooperation.