Excellent Brand


Since the inception, FET has continued to promote brand activities

For two decades, FET has fulfilled our brand spirit of "Closing the Distance" by pulling people closer together. From today on, FET is not just your telecom operator, but your companion who will " For Every Thought " and " We Go Further" moving you closer toward the ideal lifestyle.
A series of "Count on Me" commercials promoted FET's diverse products and services, making one's life more colorful.
FET campaigns emphasized our spirit of service and our persistent attitude in pursuing internet quality.
The brand-new "Express your love. Let it be heard" campaign was launched to present FET's goals of closing the distance between people, encouraging people to express positive sentiments and let love be heard. We hoped that people's lives will be filled with positive influences and the society be filled with care and warmness.
We reinterpret the "Closing the Distance" slogan with " For Every Thought, We Go Further" to not only bring people's hearts together but also close the distance between people and new tech.